Survey: Skilled Nursing Facilities Slow to Adopt Web-Enabled Devices for Liaisons, Despite Focus on Faster Response Times to Beat Competition

Only 41% have purchased Web-enabled mobile devices, and 26% say they have no plans to purchase, according to SNF industry survey by Patient Placement Systems

ATLANTA, September 2, 2011—Despite growing pressure to respond quickly and increase patient referral conversion rates, skilled nursing facility (SNF) professionals are only slowly adopting Web-enabled mobile devices for their marketers in the field, according to new survey results published today by Patient Placement Systems (PPS).

Here is what survey respondents said about their mobile technology adoption rates and plans:

  • 41 percent of SNFs have already purchased Web-enabled devices for the marketers/liaisons at their facilities.
  • 26 percent are not even considering purchasing Web-enabled devices.
  • Only 13 percent plan to invest in Web-enabled devices within the next year.


“Our other recent research indicates that 86 percent of skilled nursing facilities place the highest importance on responding faster to patient referrals, with 80 percent targeting response times of less than an hour,” said Doug Walker, vice president and general manager of PPS. “We have long advised SNF clients to empower liaisons with low-cost Web-enabled devices such as tablets and netbooks so they can act quickly, accelerate referral responses and gain competitive advantage.”

Walker also encouraged SNFs to consider the return on investment for any tool or system that helps build and manage quality census. He noted that the revenue from single additional Medicare patient day would cover the cost of most tablet devices.

The survey also asked SNF professionals which devices their organizations prefer for their liaisons (among those SNFs that have or plan to buy mobile devices):

  • 21 percent of SNF professionals have purchased or will purchase laptops or netbooks for their liaisons
  • 11 percent have purchased or will purchase iPads
  • 9 percent have purchased or will purchase iPhones
  • 16 percent of SNF professionals have purchased or will purchase smart phones other than an iPhone
  • 36 percent have not decided which Web-enabled device they will purchase
  • The remainder indicated “other.”


PPS administered the survey and compiled the results in July 2011. PPS invited SNF professionals by email to take the online survey. The 154 respondents broke down by the following titles:

  • C-Level corporate executives: 20 percent
  • Other corporate executives: 16 percent
  • Facility administrators: 17 percent
  • Corporate directors and managers: 17 percent
  • Other facility professionals: 25 percent
  • Other: 7 percent


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