Patient Placement Systems Enables Tracking of “Dual-Eligible” Patients in its Web-based Bed Management System for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities can automatically identify and track remaining coverage days for patients that are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid coverage

ATLANTA, December 28, 2011—Patient Placement Systems (PPS) announced today enhancements to its Web-based bed management system that allows skilled nursing facilities to identify and track coverage days remaining for dual-eligible patients—those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid coverage. PPS included the dual-eligible functionality as part of the new 4.0 release of the Web-based Referral Management System.

“The federal and state governments have made dual-eligible patients a focal point for healthcare savings initiatives,” said Doug Walker, vice president and general manager of Patient Placement Systems. “As the Centers for Medicare Services and states work together to integrate care and cut costs for these patients, it has become more important for SNFs to identify and track the coverage’s for dual-eligibles.”

Patients in the Medicare system are dual-eligible if they are Medicare Part A or B recipients who also qualify for Medicaid benefits. Dual-eligible patients have their initial expenses paid by Medicare, with the remainder then paid by Medicaid. They are often medically complex patients with significantly higher overall costs of care. The new functionality in the Referral Management System lets users quickly identify dual-eligible patients, and to keep a running count of remaining days of coverage eligibility on the main bed management screen. The new release also allows users to “flag” dual-eligible patients, or any patients assigned to beds with characteristics that SNFs wish to identify quickly.

Walker also said that multi-location SNF customers have quickly and eagerly adopted the broader bed management functionality of the Web-based Referral Management System. Since the release of the bed management system in July 2011, numerous clients have adopted the system to track, manage and assign all of their beds at all of their facilities, replacing inefficient whiteboards, spreadsheets and paper:

  • Seamlessly link bed assignment with the referral management process—assess bed availability for referrals and assign admitted patients to beds, all in one system with one workflow
  • See updated census and bed availability at any time, for one or multiple facilities
  • Intelligently match the placement of the right patients in the right beds, at the right facilities
  • Review, select, reserve and place referred patients in beds
  • Assign and track available, pending, occupied and closed beds
  • Create and group beds by unit and room, and link beds to appropriate bathrooms
  • Don’t settle for good enough—it’s neither good, nor enough
  • Set gender assignments for beds
  • Assign and view beds by payer types

The Web-based Referral Management System automates and accelerates marketing, admissions and reporting for multi-location skilled nursing facility providers. PPS designed the system specifically to help skilled nursing facilities market more effectively, build and manage quality census, improve case mix, outmaneuver competitors, and significantly increase revenue.

About Patient Placement Systems
Patient Placement Systems designed the Web-based Referral Management System to automate and accelerate the admissions, marketing and reporting for skilled nursing facilities. Clients have increased census by 5 percent, improved referral response times by more than 80 percent, and dramatically improved case mix and revenue. For more information, visit or call 877-748-6656. PPS also publishes, an industry blog of ideas, insight and technology to inform and improve long-term care.

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