RMS demo signup

Click the links below to see brief demo segments of the PatientPlacement.com Referral Management System in action. When you click the link, the demo will begin. You should maximize your Web browser window (expand it to the full screen).

The demos also have audio narration, so make sure your sound is turned on. When the demo segment ends, click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

Demo Part 1: Create a New Referral Demo Part 7: Managing Tasks Related to a Patient Referral
Demo Part 2: Attach a New Document to a Referral Demo Part 8: Managing Marketing Campaign Tasks
Demo Part 3: Create and Schedule Reports Demo Part 9: Insurance Verification
Demo Part 4: CensusVision Dashboards Demo Part 10: Bed Management Report
Demo Part 5: Approvals Workflow Demo Part 11: Bed Management Overview
Demo Part 6: Managing Tasks Related to Referral Source Demo Part 12: Bed Management Integration with RMS

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